Why Home Watch?

Protect your investment

The more time you spend away from your Arizona home, the more you likely think about things that could go wrong in your absence. There is always that nagging fear that you could return to a major repair and the sizeable expense that goes along with it.    

Suppose someone breaks into your home while you are out of town. That alone would be bad enough, even just replacing the damaged door. Now imagine that the break-in is not discovered for weeks or months because you are not there. How many belongings could be removed during that time (most homes are professionally packed and moved in one day)? What would it cost you to replace all those things? What if a small leak in a water line goes unnoticed for a few months? The resulting damage could be staggering and the repair cost could very well amount to thousands of dollars.   

Not being able to closely monitor your investment can be understandably disturbing and worrisome...that's where MY ARIZONA BUTLER comes in. For a fraction of the costs you might otherwise face upon your return, MY ARIZONA BUTLER can provide you with a peace of mind that is difficult to put a price on.   

There are primarily two facets to the services provided by MY ARIZONA BUTLER - home watch (frequent visitation, not in-home "house sitting") and concierge services. MY ARIZONA BUTLER will gladly work with you to customize every service provided to you and costs may occasionally vary, but below is a typical cost structure to refer to. Compared to the alternative, the extremely low investment in your property by allowing us to care for your home is a fraction of what you could face and perhaps the smartest money you may ever spend.   

“I’ll just call ‘My Arizona Butler’ and have them take care of it for me”