MY ARIZONA BUTLER caters to Arizona snowbirds, northern US snowbirds, and Canadian snowbirds and fully understands how stressful it can be to be away from your Arizona home for so long between visits. That is precisely why we bend over backwards to ensure that you have complete peace of mind while you are away. 

Every visit to your home is accompanied by a comprehensive report based on your personalized requested checklist, plus digital photographs of any issues that we may run into while we are there. If we do find a problem, even before we leave your property we will have e-mailed you the report/photos and call you immediately to discuss with you how we can assist you in handling the situation.    

As career law enforcement and real estate professionals, you can rest assured that there is absolutely no set of circumstances that we might encounter that we have not handled professionally many times before. This includes everything from a water leak to burglars walking out the door with your electronics…we’ve “been there, handled that”.

Proudly serving the Oracle, Saddlebrooke, Catalina, Oro Valley, Dove Mountain, and greater Tucson area.

Vacation Watch

Everybody needs a break from the hustle and bustle that daily life brings. The last thing that you need is to worry about your home while you are gone. Did I leave the iron on? Was the back door locked? Did we remember to stop the newspaper and mail? None of these questions need to haunt you while you are supposed to be relaxing. Call  MY ARIZONA BUTLER and let us watch over your home while you have a good time. Our extensive background in civilian and military law enforcement will be at work for you as if you had an officer swinging by to check on things. The difference is  MY ARIZONA BUTLER doesn’t have to worry about call load or manpower restrictions affecting our availability that could take us away from getting the job done.   

Whether it is corporate travel or a military deployment,  MY ARIZONA BUTLER stands ready to answer the call right along with you. Duty calls and brings with it enough to occupy your mind without worrying about how things are at home. We will work with you personally to schedule our home visits to suit your specific needs while you are away. And all at a cost that is far below what most people anticipate. Besides, how do you put a price on peace of mind?   

MY ARIZONA BUTLER will work with you to review and layout a program with your specifically requested services in mind and carry them out with our unique level of personalized care.  


Everyday life is more hectic than it’s ever been and yet there are still only 24 hours in a day. Something’s gotta give and that’s where  MY ARIZONA BUTLER comes in. Having your own ‘Butler’ has some unbelievable perks and is far more affordable than most people think. Besides, how cool is it to tell someone “I’ll just call  MY ARIZONA BUTLER and have them take care of it for me”?    

There is simply no way that we could ever anticipate the challenges that you face on a daily basis, so our concierge service list is ever-changing and never-ending. We do our very best to remain flexible to meet your needs, and will accommodate every request possible as our way of taking care of our customers. 

We also provide professionally casual, chauffeur-trained private client AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION to our clients. 

Call or e-mail us today and let us know how we may assist you in making your life easier.  

What We Do

Home Watch Service

While you are away, MY ARIZONA BUTLER will safeguard and monitor your home with visual inspections of:     

-  Check status of all doors, locks, windows, and garage    

-  Check swimming pool, fenced yard, external lighting    

-  Visually inspect A/C, foundation, roof, gutters / downspouts, siding    

-  Visually inspect for plumbing / structural leaks    

-  Flush toilets and run faucets and check basins, plumbing leaks    

-  Operate dishwasher and clothes washer to ensure the integrity of the seals 

-  Check garbage disposal    

-  Check landline phones for dial tone / ringer setting    

-  Check status of landscape and pool maintenance    

-  Water house plants (up to 10 plants included)    

-  Check for mold and mildew growth (odors)    

-  Check for indications of pest or insect infestation    

-  Remove newspapers from driveway, accumulated mail, door hangers, etc  

-  Check smoke detectors and hot water heater    

-  Start vehicles to ensure battery strength upon your return  

Concierge Services

MY ARIZONA BUTLER's concierge services may include but are not limited to:     

-  Provide private client door-to-door airport transportation service to all Phoenix-area airports

-  Meet with contractors and oversee their work if requested *    

-  Conduct absentee walk-through of your home after purchase    

-  Coordinate home moves or accept furniture deliveries in your absence

-  Accept deliveries and secure them in your residence         

-  Pick up your dry cleaning / laundry    

-  Satisfy your grocery list and stock the refrigerator in anticipation of your return   

This list is the tip of the iceberg as to the affordable possibilities when it comes to our extensive concierge services.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests.  

* While we are not contractors, we will gladly work with you to identify local providers and coordinate work that needs to be done, working directly with the contractor to schedule the work so you are not bothered with it. We will also stand by with them and oversee their work if you want us to.