risk management

No one who invests in a home, whether it be their primary residence or a seasonal property, plans on returning to destruction or mayhem, but it does happen far too often. Left unchecked, these issues can grow to disastrous proportions and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. With MY ARIZONA BUTLER you have a very affordable alternative to these kinds of losses. From security to property management issues to just the overall well-being of your home, the owners of MY ARIZONA BUTLER will put their decades of experience to work for you. You can't necessarily put a price on peace of mind, but you can certainly enjoy the savings when compared to the sometimes tragic alternatives.  

Seasonal Arizona residents return year after year to find that their home has been broken into and the damage to and loss of property can be staggering. There are even instances of people breaking in to what they know is a vacant home and actually living in it for months on end. MY ARIZONA BUTLER protects Arizona snowbirds by providing frequent and varied professional home watch visits to keep these people off guard, making it more difficult for them to know for sure that no one is home. Who’s watching out to make sure that your home is secure?  

There really is no way to know for sure what is happening at your home while you are away, especially if a stranger is living in it. Besides the outrageously obvious, many simply do not want someone sleeping in their bed, using their bathroom, and eating their food. The mature, professional owners at MY ARIZONA BUTLER personally conduct every home visit with the utmost respect for your privacy and property. 

 A seemingly harmless water leak can grow into an absolute disaster over a period of time. Homeowners who come home to this kind of situation will attest to the affordability of MY ARIZONA BUTLER’S thorough preventative services. 

Some homes just scream “I’m vacant, come and get me”. Burglars look for these clues to determine what houses will become their next target. Count on the extensive background and experience of the owners of MY ARIZONA BUTLER to identify and remedy these red flags before the bad guys see them. Even the most subtle of potential problems will be dealt with immediately.  

MY ARIZONA BUTLER's owners have the experience to see not only the obvious problems with vacant homes, but also the more subtle clues that can cause you major problems while you are away. For a fraction of what criminal activity and other losses can cost you, MY ARIZONA BUTLER can provide you with the safety and security of knowing your home is being watched over by trained professionals.